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This Walker's Made For Bootin' -- Election Night DJs at Crystal Corner

Tue, June 5 8:00 pm

Crystal Corner Bar
1301 Williamson St
  • No cover

  • Starts at 8 pm

  • Tunes to be spun by Rev. Velveteen & Bad Sister Heidi of WORT's "Psychoacoustics"

  • Expect political, poignant, humorous, danceable, powerful & thought-provoking sounds

  • Whether we end up thrilled or chilled by the results, it's a great place to be with those who fight the good fight!


Hi, wish we could come to the event. Karen & I did the Walker's made for bootin' video clip at and Elaine recorded it. We have lyrics to another song to Johnny Cash, 'I'll walk the line". Here's the lyrics. (I can't do just doesn't sound right with a British accent) Good luck on the recall.

I keep a close watch on this State of mine
‘Cause our governor is always lyin’
He’s destroying all the ties that bind,
It’s recall time,
he’s crossed the line.

It is very very easy to get screwed
By all the things that Walker tries to do.
His legislators just don’t care ‘bout you
It’s recall time,
They’ve crossed the line.

They say that white is black and black is white
They break the rules, you know that just ‘aint right
They know they can’t win a fair fight.
It’s recall time
They’ve crossed the line,

Walker’s folks aint really on your side
It’s all Koch bucks they try to hide
But you know we’re going to turn the tide
It’s recall time.
They’ve crossed the line

(repeat first verse)

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