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Announcing New Protest Album: "Songs of Resurgence!"

Dateline: Labor Day - Sept. 3, 2018   


The CheddaREvolution is LIVE!

Songs of Resurgence are now streaming worldwide!!


As promised in the announcement on Valentine's Day, with an open solicitation through May Day and beyond, the final selection of songs making up a 2nd volume of Wisconsin protest music was announced on Labor Day at the Madison Labor Fest. This album, embodying homegrown rebellion and hope through music, has been released for free download and streaming on demand at 

CheddaREvolution: Songs of Resurgence is a collection of new and original Wisconsin protest songs expressing the current upswing of resistance, co-produced by WORT Music Director Sybil Augustine and Fred Schepartz, author of Vampire Cabbie and Publisher/Executive Editor of Mobius: The Journal Of Social Change.

The details of an upcoming album release party with many of these musicians performing live will be announced soon!
This 2018 album is a sequel to the award-winning compilation Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising the duo produced in 2012, also featuring a multitude of styles and genres. All songs from both albums plus bonus tracks are available for free download from this site, but your donations are always appreciated to help keep this music free and available to everyone.


Thank you!

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