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Check Out Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising

Check out “Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising”

I get all sorts of random tips and tidbits sent to my email inbox, and occasionally some of those tips are absolute gems.
This is one of those instances. Earlier this week I received an email from Fred Schepartz, the Co-Producer of Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising, which is a compilation compact disc of protest songs inspired by the Wisconsin Uprising. The CD was released two weeks ago, and thanks to funding from grants and donations the CD is being given away for free.
If you’d like to get a copy of the CD, visit the Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising website to get a copy.
According to Fred Schepartz there’s no commercial considerations for any of the individuals involved in the production of the CD; it’s simply a labor of love.
We feel very strongly that people working hard on the struggle need to hear these songs in order to have just that much more strength to get the job done. We also hope that perhaps some other people who are sitting on the sidelines might be inspired to get actively involved if they hear the CD. As Tom Morello said to Amy Goodman in an interview today, the protest song is “steel for the spine and wind in the sails.”