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Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising Cleans Up At MAMAs

The competition was fierce, but Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising managed to take home some hardware at the Madison Area Music Association awards ceremony last week, winning a MAMA for best compilation album, with Dirty Wings from New York winning best song in the non-resident category for "Scott Walker, Motherfucker." Big thanks to all who supported us. And big thanks to Amber Solow for the great job she did creating all the wonderful artwork and laying out everything; Brian Daly for the wonderful job of mastering; Jon Hain for this website; Sooper Dooper for reproducing and printing; Helena White at WORT for the soundbites; Meg Turvile-Heitz for finding a couple of the songs that made it onto the CD, including "Scott Walker, Motherfucker"; Lucy Oppegard for being our lovely cover model; the Teaching Assistant's Association, Ani DiFranco & True Endeavors and an annonymous donor for their generosity, which allowed us to give the CD away for free; and of course, Sybil Augustine, my wonderful co-producer, without whom none of this would've been possible.
Here's a summary of the awards:
Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising wins best compilation album. "Scott Walker, Motherfucker," by Dirty Wings wins best song in the Wish You Were Here (non-resident) category. Ida Jo wins best folk/Americana album and performer and best strings player. The Whiskey Farm wins best ensemble vocals. Our recording studio, DNA Music Labs did not win, but Blast House did, and Blast House did play a role in the CD by offering free or discounted studio time to musicians wanting to record protest songs inspired by the Wisconsin Uprising.